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To Speak in Pairs: Essays on the Ritual Languages of Eastern Indonesia

by James J. Fox (Editor), Peter Burke (Series Editor), Ruth Finnegan (Series Editor)

Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture
352 pages

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These original essays study ritual language and parallelism (the strict ordering of words and phrases in alternative, duplicate form). The introduction puts the topic in historical perspective and what was once viewed as a composition form unique to ancient Hebrew is now seen as a feature common to literatures around the world. Here is the first book to compare in detail living traditions of parallel composition. Yet, despite the diversity of languages discussed by the contributors, their materials are drawn from a single cultural area still unknown to most specialists: Eastern Indonesia. All the essays contain original texts with translations and with detailed commentary on both content and context . . . .

The Ecology of Nusa Tenggara and Maluku

by Kathryn A. Monk, Yance De Fretes, Gayatri Reksodiharjo-Lilleyo.

The Ecology of Indonesia Series.

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This book profiles the history of ecological work in Nusa tenggara and Maluku and describes the physical features of the region, its geological origins, marine, coastal and terrestrial habitats, hydrology, climate, soils and the propensity to environmental hazards. It includes inventories of species diversity with reference to biogeography and selection of biological indicators for both conservation and environmental impact assessments. There is a section on the people of Nusa Tenggara and Maluku and the structure of their societies and their approach to ecological management through traditional and modern laws is discussed. Marine and land resource uses is investigated and how the islands can develop in an ecologically sustainable way. Reserve management and species protection is also looked at, with recommendations offered for future action that will extend the protection of the biodiversity. The book emphasises the need for Indonesia's growing community of environmental managers and lawyers to have the baseline ecological data of this region to plan, assess and manage its rapid development.

Ikats of Savu: Women weaving history in Eastern Indonesia

by Genevieve Duggan

Studies in the Material Cultures of Southeast Asia No.1

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This book explores the links between mythology and weavings on Savu, examining how textiles have formed the fabric of Savunese society throughout time. Ikat weavings of Savu are exceptional in the sense that they act as markers of historical events. They have a heraldic significance and can be read like a text. They also form a language expressing the socio-political structure of Savunese society. In this era of globalisation and the resulting threat to small-scale societies, it is the author`s hope that this book will contribute to the protection of the work of traditional weavers and to the recognition of their unique cultural heritage.

The Flow of Life: Essays on Eastern Indonesia

James J. Fox (Editor)

Harvard Studies in Cultural Anthropology, No.2.

388 pages, 15 halftones, 11 line illustrations, 3 maps, 3 tables.

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Indonesia east of Bali is perhaps the least known of all major cultural areas of Southeast Asia. Yet the anthropology of the region has long held a prominent place in the development of structuralist theories of marital exchange and symbolic classification. Falling in a distinguished lineage running from van Wouden to Levi-Strauss to Rodney Needham, The Flow of Life presents a comprehensive set of essays by a distinguished group of international scholars, which provides both a full picture of this culturally rich area and an important extension of earlier structuralist theory. This volume is bound to become the standard source on the social anthropology of eastern Indonesia. But it is a work of more than regional significance, providing a variety of empirical resources to address the questions which lie at the bottom of much structuralist thought about mind and society: what is the nature of symbolic thought? how does consciousness intertwine with society and ecology? what is the difference between "primitive" and "modern" society?

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Harvest of the Palm (1978)
Ecological Change in Eastern Indonesia

by James J. Fox
Professorial Fellow of Anthropology and Honorary Associate in Southeast Asian Ethnology, Australian National University.

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This book compares the ecologically balanced lifestyles of the native ethnic groups living on Roti and Savu with the swidden agricultural lifestyles of neighboring Timor. The island of Timor has become an ecological disaster with erosion, over-cultivation, and primitive farming techniques leading to increased mal-nutrition. Yet on at least two neighboring islands the environment is virtually pristine and there is a surplus of starch production. At a time when the world is looking for environmentally sound answers to increased famine, Fox discovers that perhaps we should be relying less on technology and more on tradition. For anyone interested in unique cultures, ecological anthropology or the world hunger problem this is a must-read!

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The Malay Archipelago

Alfred R. Wallace

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