Savu & Rai Jua News - Jun '05

Headmasters accused of impropriety

The headmasters of two high schools on Savu have been accused by some teachers of charging students for the National Exams when these exams are supposed to be free of charge under government legislation. Students at Wini Rai Senior High in Heb'a (Seba) were billed Rp 83,500.00, while students at Liae Junior High were billed Rp 75,000.00. The matter was raised at a council meeting in Kupang by Mr Ruben Kale Dipa, head of the Regional Electoral Office of Savu-Raijua. The headmaster of Wini Rai Senior High denied any wrong doing, explaining that the fees were not for the National Exam. However, if the fees were standard school fees, why were all students sent a bill that most would have already paid? The head of the Regional Department of Education and Culture in Kupang, Mr Ferdinand L Foenay, has asked Mr Kale Dipa to supply evidence in support of his claims of impropriety.


Teachers and nurses upset over salaries

Teachers and nurses on Savu and Rai Jua have complained that their salaries have been reduced without explanation. High school teachers and nurses have had their salaries reduced; in the case of nurses, by up to Rp 110,000.00/month. Primary school teachers have complained that their salaries are not paid on time and teacher rank status is not increased when it should be. Mr Ruben Kale Dipa, head of the Savu-Raijua Electoral Office, raised the matter at a council meeting in Kupang, calling on the Department of Education and Culture to explanation the irregularities.


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