Savu & Rai Jua News - May '02

Police brutality ignored

Police in the eastern Savu subdistrict have been accused of assaulting three residents of Kudji Ratu (Kuji Ratu), in the Bodae Village. The assault is alleged to have taken place in July 1999. The victims include three Savunese men: Mr. Migu Tuka (63), Mr. B'ole Tala (40) and Mr. Mala Rihi. The accused are all non-Savunese, LH, MH and DH.

Drs. FF Jermias Mirah of the Kupang police station was asked to explain the matter, but was not available for comment. One of the victim's relatives, Mr. Habel Tallo (56), a resident of Manutapen village in Kupang, met with police in Kupang concerning the incident. But, the aggressors have not yet been questioned or called to account.

The assault occurred when Mr. Tuka and Mr. Tala were apprehended for cutting timber in a forest belonging to the Napuru tribe. According to the Napuru leader of Kudji Ratu, Mr. Ama Tada Tallo (known also as Pu Mika), the men had received permission to fell the timber. Mr. Migu Tuka suffered a broken arm and collar bone, Mr. B'ole Tala a broken arm and open wounds and Mr. Meta Rihi numerous head wounds.

The victims laid allegations against the three policemen, but the matter was not followed up in any way. So, the victims families took it upon themselves to take action. The police have since responded to the revenge attack, while the allegations against the police brutality has been ignored.

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