Savu & Rai Jua News - Nov '04

Savu rejects Indonesia's new President

Susilo Bambang Yudoyono has won Indonesia's first Presidential Election, securing 61% of the vote, compared to 39% for Megawati. However, the voting pattern on Savu & Rai Jua shows little support for the new president, with just 13% favouring Yudoyono compared to 87% voting for Megawati. These results are typical for all 22 subdistricts of the Kupang regency. (
Pos Kupang).

The election results on Savu & Rai Jua can be viewed
interactively (if this computer has Flash Player installed). Interestingly, the differences in election results between Savu's five subdistricts suggests that isolation may be a factor contributing to people's distrust of the new government.

Incidentally, prior to the election, the Australian and United States governments requested permission for the UN to oversee proceedings in Aceh and West Timor (i.e. the border region). A spokesman for the Electoral Commission of East Nusa Tenggara, Mr Hans Cristian, said permission would not be granted, however, as security could not be guaranteed. The Commission subsequently offered them access to Savu and Rote, instead. Needless to say, there were no disruptions to the election on either island. (

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