Savu & Rai Jua News - Jul '05

New Subdistrict formed on Savu

A new subdistrict has been formed on Savu, combining the villages of Ei Mada Kee (Eimadake), B'eb'ae (Bebae), Dj'ii Wuwu (Jiwuwu), Ei Lode (Eilode), Ma Tei (Mataei), Lobo Adj'u (Loboaju) and Tada, all of which had previously belonged to Eastern Savu. There are thus four villages remaining in the subdistrict of Eastern Savu: B'o Lou (Bolou), B'o D'ae (Bodae), Lii Meg'u (Limagu) and Lobo Dei (Lobodei). The new subdistrict has been given the name Central Savu and Ei Mada Kee has been chosen as its capital.

Central & Eastern Savu

Western Savu has also proposed to divide its subdistrict into two. Six villages have signed up to form the new subdistrict, which will be called Northern Savu.


Jailed for stealing kitchenware

The Court in Kupang has jailed three young men from D'eme (Deme), Western Savu, for stealing kitchenware. Two brothers, Lukas (19 years old) and Rafael Hepe Kati (21 years old) are serving 6 months for the theft, while Welem Teni Hawu is serving 3 months for storing the goods. The items included four buckets, two clothes lines, three plates, three spoons and a basin.


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